Sunday, June 30, 2013

August Rush

For each month of the 2013 year, Disney has been releasing a limited edition Poster Series Vinylmation and they have been somewhat hit or miss. That trend will continue in August except this one is in our opinion the best one thus far!

This release is a collaborative effort from Maria Clapsis and Jonathan Bishop that is scheduled for 8/2/13 and will be at both D-Street locations as well as the Disney Store online. Just like its predecessors in the series, this will be an open edition with a run of 2,013 pieces and retail for $14.95.

What do you guys think about this one? Have you been collecting each figure every month? This vinyl is an absolute must have for us :)


  1. I like this one and the April one. I don't like the July one but I'm definitely getting it!

    1. Definitely need to get your birthday month of this series :) I still need the May LOL

  2. btw, August Rush was such a GREAT movie!! Gotta love Freddie Highmore