Monday, June 10, 2013

Hoarding Han

Today, the remaining Carbonite Han Solo were set to go on sale at Disneyland Resort. One of our favorite Vinylmation traders Catherine Liu decided to brave the crowds and take her chances. Pulling it to the parking lot, it already began to look like a mighty ominous day...

Making her way swiftly to stand in line, one thing was clear. Dozens and dozens of people woke up early to also come stand in line hoping to get a set as this has been one of the most anticipated Vinylmation releases in recent history!

Unfortunately, Catherine's valiant effort was unrewarded as she was unable to purchase one of these coveted sets :(

In a trend that seemed to start last week Friday with the Carbonite Han Solo release at Walt Disney World, there were many pictures popping up of people online who had bought as many as they could get their hands on and had their buddies do the same. These sets have begun to pop up on both social media sites and eBay at astronomical prices and will continue as long as people are willing to pay!

This brings us to our question for all of our readers. How much are you willing to pay for Han? How many sets did you buy if any? Which side of the "hoarding" fence are you on? For us, we will wait until the prices go down after the initial craze and hopefully get our hands on one soon :)


  1. You make me sound like a superhero!!

    1. That was the goal! You are a superwoman always braving the crowds to please your millions and millions of fans...or possibly just us LOL :)