Tuesday, June 18, 2013

T-Shirt Time!!!

Speculation has been running high since last Friday's release of the Monsters University blind box series about whether or not there will be a variant. All of that came to an end today when we found out that there is a variant!

On the Archie figure that is designed by Ron Cohee, the variant version has a different logo on the back of the t-shirt. As pictured above, the variant has the Monster's Inc logo rather than a different fraternity's logo/lettering. We are unsure of what exactly to call the design on the regular version because we have not yet seen the movie and cannot accurately put a name on it.

It is still unclear as to whether these variants will be exclusive to the Disney Parks but for those of us who do not live near one, we can only hope that the Disney Stores across the country will see their fair share of these as well.

Our staff has never been big on variant collecting, but being that we loved Monster's Inc and of course anything that Pixar puts out, this is a must have for us! If you come across one of these and want to trade/sell it, please let us know!

1 comment:

  1. This logo is Monsters University
    the common is Fear Tech, the rival school