Tuesday, June 25, 2013

There's No Place Like Home...

They say that all good things in life come to those who wait...and boy are we glad we waited!

Right now, online at the Disney Store, all of the Oz the Great and Powerful Vinylmation open edition 2-packs are $3.99! Yes, you read that correctly, these sets are $3.99! For all of you collectors who have been waiting for a price drop, this is as good as it will get on these beautiful sets!

We checked our local Disney Store today to see if the prices were the same in there and it was not. This is an online ONLY deal for the moment unless you live near an outlet as that is the price for these sets there as well. If you are looking for other vinyls to purchase online to get free shipping, it is worth noting the all of the in-stock NBA vinyls are $3.99 along with the 2013 Valentine's Day release. Or if you have not completed your Whiskers and Tales or High School sets yet, they are buy one, get one free. 

Happy Collecting and we hope you jump on these deals while they last :)

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