Friday, June 21, 2013

We Can Learn To Love A Beast!

Rarely ever do we look forward to waking up early when a 9 hour work shift lies ahead, but today is a much different story!

For weeks and weeks now, the anticipation surrounding the Beauty and the Beast set has continued to grow. Growing in to a hype train that cannot be derailed and finally, after we have all been patiently waiting, release day is upon us! 

The decision to buy a case of this series was made well before the preview of the set of 11 commons became available. We knew from the initial announcement that this was one we could not pass up because of our attachment to perhaps the best Disney love story ever told! And besides, after watching Once Upon A Time, Belle has definitely become a favorite of the staff!

Being at our local Disney Store at 9:30AM sharp is the plan but outside of that, we want to know what kind of content you want to see from this case from us. We are planning on shooting an unboxing video of the case (we promise to edit it so it will be shorter this time), but is there anything else you loyal readers want to see? 

Let us know and we hope to see you in line bright and early :)

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