Friday, July 26, 2013

She Go or No? Park Starz 2 Variant Carnotaurus

Scheduled to be released today is the Park Starz 2 Variant Carnotaurus. This variant comes in a tin with a limited edition run of 1,000 pieces and retails at $26.95. For those of you interested, this is available for purchase at both D-Street locations and online at the It is also the featured vinyl for this "She Go or No?" segment.

The first thing that we always look at is the price. We have been in this hobby for such a long time that price is always a factor first and foremost. This is our mindset because of all of the price drops that has occurred over the years that made us feel a bit foolish for not waiting. It has definitely changed our buying habits and will probably continue to do so going forward.

But anyway, looking at the price, it is definitely a fair one considering the tin, the limited edition nature of this variant and the fact that the Park Starz series have always been bigger and heavier than normal Vinylmation releases. They also tend to be a lot more detailed. We believe that this is one release that will be sold out before it would get a chance to drop in price.

Taking a look at the design itself, this is a million times better than the original! Making clever use of a clear body in some areas gives it a nice reflective look that stands out from the crowd and makes it very easy to identify for those of you collectors who open your tins. This makes it a fantastic display piece for any collection!

This variant release gets a "She Go" from us and we recommend you pick one up quickly before it sells out. 

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  1. It's not gonna sell out but if you want one, I'll get you want one