Friday, May 31, 2013

Announcements: 12 Masks, 12 Days...

Perhaps one of the most criticized and least sought after sets since Under The Big Top has been rumored to be pulled from the Disney Store shelves. Behind the Masks may soon be gone...

This has not yet been confirmed nor has any official reason been given, but various theories include poor sales, poor quality control and possibly the use of a rising sun symbol that has been linked to being  considered racist in both South Korea and China.

As of this posting, these vinyls are still available for purchase on and are still on the shelves of our local Disney Store. Not sure how long it will be available and or if these rumors are true, but we want to know what you think? Was this a set that interested you? Did you buy any? Will you be buying some now that you know this set may potentially be "recalled"?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Announcements: Marvel Avengers And Little Mermaid Are Coming!

Today marks the day that many of us have speculated and dreamed about for a while...

The announcement of an upcoming Marvel Avengers Vinylmation series! The news first broke on Vinylmation Kingdom and the article can be found below:

Ahhh, finally the beginning of using Marvel characters in the form of Vinylmation is here. There are so many possibilities that it is absolutely mind-blowing! We would love to see more Marvel series in the future such as the X-Men, villains and perhaps even an all heroine set for all of the superwomen collectors out there! What makes this even more excited is that the initial Marvel Avengers set is going to be in Disney Stores which makes it much more attainable to most.

As for the Little Mermaid series, not much is known except that it may coincide with the October Blu-Ray release of the movie. It would also appear that this will be a blind box series as well and we would assume that it would be in Disney Stores as well.

What do you guys think about these upcoming releases? Are you as excited as we are? We know for a fact we will be buying cases!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

To Open Or Not To Open?

One thing is guaranteed in this hobby, you will eventually come across an open edition (window box) or tin that you will want to add to your collection. Once acquiring this magical piece, the question then becomes, do you open it or do you leave it sealed?

The staff is pretty unanimous on this one as we all do not open any of our window boxes or tins. There is just something about it being in the packaging that makes us appreciate it more. And as our collections grow, it is much easier to display and or stack these boxes and tins with the limited space we have available in each of our houses. Cleaning/dusting is also much easier as one swoop straight across should take care of it!

Although, on the other hand, toys are made to be enjoyed rather than kept in their package. And one could make an argument that we would have more space if we freed our wonderful vinyls from their cardboard and tin cages. 

What do you think? And do you open your window boxes and tins or leave them closed? Or perhaps you have found a happy medium and would like to share? 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Case Layout: Fair or Foul?

Perhaps one of the most controversial topics in this hobby is the infamous case layout. Some people consider this cheating and will do everything possible to criticize those who use them. Others swear by the case layout as the only way to "blox" (pulling of blind boxes). And of course there are those who are on the fence. Either way, let's take a look at the varying opinions...

"Case layouts are cheating and make the playing field uneven!"
There are many collectors out there who feel as though that there are too many people out there using case layouts to only pull chasers and or other high demand vinyls. But in reality, are case layouts really accurate? There are many people online who do post case layouts be it accidentally or on purpose, but is that really the location of each vinyl? Our staff has met a few people that actually post "fake" case layouts where they rearrange the case and then spread it virally through social media in hopes of collectors believing it to be true.

So as many case layouts as you may find online, there really is no real way of telling if it is accurate or not unless you have purchased a case yourself. And even then, there may be multiple case layouts which would still make the actual layout of each individual case a mystery. Is it really cheating when the information cannot be verified?

"Case layouts are the bee's knees!"
If you have been in this hobby long enough, chances are you have either met or spoken to another Vinylmation collector. Among these collectors are always the people who brag about their excellent bloxing abilities due to case layouts. Of course, the belief is that these people are the ones who are pulling all of the chasers which is why the casual collector can't find any. But, how true is that theory?

We have met a few collectors here locally who use case layouts but ONLY pull the chaser spot until they get one to complete their set. Other than that, they use the case layouts in an attempt to blox figures that they do not already own. These collectors generally talk about not having the money to buy an entire case when the sets get released so they slowly acquire it as their funds allow. Is it wrong for them to complete a set in this fashion?

The majority of Vinylmation collectors out there whether they would like to admit it or not are on the fence about case layouts. We believe that they even use the layouts some times to figure out if it is worth it to blox from a semi-fresh case or not. If you look at a case and there is only one blox pulled, if it is from the chaser spot and that is the one you are trying to get, is it still worth it to try?

Regardless of your stance on the case layout, the best thing to remember is that this hobby was made for us to have fun and enjoy. To collect pieces of our childhoods in the form of vinyls sized between 1.5" to 9". Having these vinyls bring a smile to our faces because it reminds us of a simpler time. A time when we did not have the responsibilities that come along with growing up and allowing us to be forever young.

Disney Magic was meant to be spread and to provide us with an escape from our daily routines. So our stance on case layouts is who cares! Enjoy the hobby and encourage others to do the same. As humans, tomorrow is never promised and life is too short to be spent bickering on the little things. Besides, the thrill of the hunt is what gets the juices flowing each and every time a blox is opened!

Until next time...Happy Collecting :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Q&A: Where Can I Find Fair Trade Value?

In any hobby, there comes a point where to get everything you want to get, you probably will have to make some trades to do so. And this Vinylmation hobby is no different. And the one question that everyone asks is "where can I find fair trades?"

In response to that question, fair trades can be found pretty much everywhere if you take the time to look and do your homework. But perhaps the best resource available to you is also FREE!

We live in a digital age where pretty much everyone participates in some form of social media. And social media is where you will find the best trades. Let's go over two of the best options that we have found over the years that we have been involved with this hobby!

The first is Instagram. By simply tagging your posts properly with the right hashtags and making sure that you are clear on where you are and are not willing to ship items, you can easily complete your sets and possibly even attain your "holy grail".

Our favorite option though is Facebook. There is a particular group on Facebook called "Vinylmation Exchange". This group is magnificent! Of course, we cannot guarantee that each and every person on there will be offering you fair value in return for your vinyls, but there are many safety nets in place. This group is private and you must be invited to join. That helps the admin filter out bad traders and or scammers. And let's be honest, it is those traders and scammers that give most hobbies a bad name and suck the life right out of them.

Here is a link if you want to speak to an admin about possibly joining:

Hope these tips help and if you want to see more Q&A from us, leave us a comment and perhaps a question that you would like answered! Please remember to exercise caution when trading online and if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Happy Collecting :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

5/24/13 Vinylmation Releases

Today marks the release of two new Vinylmation releases.

The first is a two-pack of the Stabbington Bros from Tangled. This is currently retailing at $29.95 and is a part of the Animation 3 series.

The second release and perhaps the more sought after of the two on this release day is the 9" inch Jabba The Hut from the Star Wars 3 series. This is currently retailing at $59.95.

What do you guys think about these releases? Did you pick any of them up?