Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ballin' On A Budget

There is no such thing as a cheap hobby! The more involved you get within it, the more your wallet will begin to cry!

Being a Vinylmation collector is no different! Collecting all of the 1.5", 3" and 9" figures that you want can get very pricey in a hurry! So, as a staff, we thought we would share some helpful tips with you on how you can be a baller on a budget.

The first way is to be alert and always look out for sales. There are numerous sales each and every month at both your local and online at the Disney Store. Of course, we recommend you grab whatever is available that you want while it is on sale in your store as it saves you a lot of money rather than having it shipped to your house. With the Disney Store online, there are often many free shipping codes out there once you hit a certain spending threshold and that always leaves you with more money to spend on the actual vinyls rather than just the shipping.

Applying for and using a Disney Visa card is another way to save money especially in stores. Anytime you spend over $50 on qualifying merchandise (we have yet to not get this discount on Vinylmation purchases), you receive 10% off your entire purchase. Having one of these will allow you to plan your Vinylmation purchases in store so that it can become 10% cheaper which adds up to be huge savings the longer you participate in this wonderful hobby.

It is assumed that if you are a Vinylmation collector, it is because you love Disney! And it is impossible to love Disney without picking up your favorite films on both Blu-Ray and DVD. Any time you purchase a Disney Blu-Ray or DVD, it comes with a Disney Movie Rewards code on the inside. Using this codes have gotten us vinyls in the past such as the Halloween Minnie. Our advice is to save these codes until they have double points days, or you can find a bonus code that will add even more points to your account. There are also a few days here and there where entering a certain amount of codes (generally 3), gets you a free bonus Blu-Ray and all you pay is the shipping ($3.95)!

D23 is the official Disney Fan Club and joining it has its perks as well! Besides being able to access a cool members only website and having exclusive offers and discounts, our favorite thing about the D23 membership is the ability to purchase exclusive Vinylmation figures that the general public does not have the same access to. The D23 Expo is set for August of this year and you will be able to see all of the fantastic exclusive merchandise soon!

Last, but certainly not least is if you became an Annual Passholder. If you and your family go to the Disney Parks often, this is definitely a must have! Not only does it save you money for your frequent visits but you will be able to get 20% off your Vinylmation purchases there as well! Definitely another way to save money in this hobby and combine it with the magic of visiting a Disney Park and having another great excuse to go :)

Until we win the Powerball lottery, this is how we save money in this hobby whenever we possibly can and thought these would be some helpful tips for everyone as well! Happy Collecting :)

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  1. You should tell me next time there's a double points day for dmr!