Monday, July 15, 2013

PayPal Is Your Pal, Pal!

If you have ever bought or sold anything on eBay, chances are that you have a PayPal account. Outside of its usage for eBay, PayPal can be a very useful tool when collecting Vinylmation or any other hobby really.

The first and perhaps biggest thing that helps with PayPal is the fact that it is a record of your transaction. This helps to protect yourself against potential scammers because as all of us tend to learn the hard way that not everyone on the Internet is your friend! Having this record is your proof and is often the difference between you getting swindled or just having a minor disturbance of the Force.

But, our favorite part of PayPal is using it for shipping! The more you trade and sell, the more you will end up paying for both shipping supplies as well as the cost. Using the PayPal shipping tool, you will save on average about 30% of what it would regularly cost you by going to the post office! In addition to saving you money, every shipping label comes with a built in tracking number which is more than useful to both you and the trader or buyer on the other end.

Think of it this way, if you have spent $100 on regular shipping with USPS, you would have saved $30 with PayPal ship. Spent $1,000, and you would have saved $300. Or if you are a lifelong collector like we are, spent $10,000 and PayPal ship would have potentially saved you $3,000!!! These savings add up over time to both more money in your pocket, more money to purchase more collectibles in your various hobbies, or of course a better profit margin for all of you business minded folks out there :)

PayPal is definitely your Pal!

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