Tuesday, July 2, 2013

That Darn Cat!

The longer you stay in a hobby, the more likely you are to meet a few people who share the same interests as you. While we definitely do not think we have been collecting for very long, one of the people we have been blessed to meet is Catherine Liu.

Catherine Liu is not afraid to admit her love of all things Disney. And to further share her experiences with everyone out there who may feel the same, she has created both a blog and a YouTube channel dedicated to her "obsession"

Cat's blog: http://bit.ly/14K7jN6

Or if you are not the reading type, her YouTube channel features many videos that you will not be able to find on her blog. Definitely worthwhile to check out both

Cat's YouTube: http://bit.ly/19Roov3

Remember to show her some love with a like, subscribe or even a comment. She has been known to not only respond to everyone but amaze them with her incredible knowledge of Disneyana!

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