Wednesday, July 3, 2013

If Only Money Grew On Trees...

When the first of each month arrives, it has become a traditional to check out our notes and see what Vinylmation releases will be coming and which ones we will want to purchase. Generally, certain months are expensive due to the sheer amount of releases but this month will be a bit different...

Looking at our notes and calendar, there are three releases that have really caught our eye; Mystery Bakery Series, Disney Afternoon Series 2: Ducktales and Muppets 3. With the plans we have for each one, we are definitely glad that we have been saving our money!

The Mystery Bakery Series is a very unique concept! Although they are being touted as Open Edition vinyls, they are actually more of a blind box series. There will be 6 different characters and 3 different designs of each one making this a set of 18. What is so unique about this particular set is that all of the characters look the same from the outside but taking off their cupcake hat is the only way to reveal which design you actually have purchased! Our plan is to get one of each character to display in its Open Edition glory within our "Vinylmation Museum" and then multiples of the Stitch and Little Green Men in an attempt to get each different design.

With the Disney Afternoon Series 2: Ducktales set, taking one look at it should say it all. Anyone who was an 80's child can tell you stories about rushing home from school to turn on the TV and catch as many of the Disney Afternoon cartoons possible before starting their homework. The feeling of nostalgia is so high with this release and of course, anyone who tells you that they do not know the words to the Ducktales theme song is covering up their secret love of Scrooge McDuck and the gang!

And last but not least, the Muppets 3 blind box series! The only thing that really needs to be said is...MAHNA MAHNA! 

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